Sunday, 18 January 2015

Tom Ford - Indian Pink

You hear Tom Ford, you think luxury. 

It's a brilliant idea for high end houses to include beauty in their range. It brings the premium name to those that can't afford to shop them for reals. We can feel like we are included in the magical world of luxury goods, even just for a little while :-)

That being said, I almost certainly buy Tom Ford for myself! However this little beauty was a Christmas gift from my brother. No, he's not that good, I sent him for this specifically!

I am super conflicted writing this post. But we'll swatch first, then discuss! Pics are two coats of Tom Ford Indian Pink with a top coat - 

Firstly, what is everyone's thoughts on the nubs? I think I like them. I just can't keep any sort of length and shape at work, they're breaking every day and nibs just make my life easier!

Secondly, this is a beautiful colour and the formula is fabulous. It didn't need a top coat for shine, however it did smooth out the finish slightly. Unfortunately I can't comment on wear time, as I did only wear this for a swatch. 

This is where I feel conflicted. Do I have polishes this colour? Obvs. Is it a good polish though? Yes, it's bloody wonderful and the formula is great. 

Is it worth the £26 price tag? That depends! 

If I had £26 to spend on nail polish, you all know I'd be collecting Tom Ford right now! But there are, of course, so many alternatives to Indian Pink that are miles cheaper. I mean even Chanel is £8 a bottle cheaper!

There is an amount of the old 'you get what you pay for', I mean even the box is quilted for God's sake! But honestly, I don't know how much better nail polish can get. Higher price points don't necessarily mean higher quality.

Would I recommend Tom Ford nail lacquer? Absolutely. If you have the £26 going spare that is. If not, it's not the be all and end all. I'll probably treat myself in the future. But for now, one's enough :-)

This was purchased for me at Harvey Nichols.

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far!

WN x

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