Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rimmel x Rita Spring Flower Nail Art

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I've been playing Cinderella today, preparing the house for my parents' coming home from their holiday tomorrow!

In my last post, I swatched some of the Spring offering from Rimmel, including two of the Rita Ora collab colours. I enjoy the colour combination so much that I've decided to use them again today for some nail art. I've taken my cue from the super cute packaging of the Rita Ora colours and gone with flowers -

I used two coats of Rain Rain Go Away as the base colour, then dotted on Neon Fest (pink) and Breakfast At Tiffany's (blue) to create the flower design - 


I can't decide which combination I prefer, but I am leaning towards the pink flower with the blue centre at the moment..... though I'm sure I'll change my mind later! 

But then that's why we have so many fingers :-)

Have a great rest of your weekend, and I'll see you all on Tuesday with a new post!

WN x

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