Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Barry M Silk Nail Paint - Forest

There will always be a special place in my heart for Barry M. They were they first nail polishes that I remember buying, and where my love of the manicure was first realised! I have to say that I do have a pretty impressive Barry collection, but I just can't keep up at the moment with all the new formulas that are being released...

Along with their nail paints, Barry M now offer Matte's; Gelly Hi-Shine's; Glitters; the Aquarium collection; Speedy Quick Dry; Sunset Daylight Curing gel style polish; Silks AND Nail Art Pens!!


When I visited Boots last week, Barry M were on offer so I thought why not try something new, so I picked up a Silk polish in Forest. The Silk Nail Paints dry to a satin-like finish, that's not quite matte but doesn't have the glossy finish of a regular nail polish.

In the swatches I am wearing two coats of Forest. Firstly without a top coat -

And with TC - 

I much prefer the finish of this polish without the top coat, but it just feels so unnatural to me to not top coat my mani! It is beautiful either way though, definitely my kind of colour. I wish that the purple shift was more noticeable though, unfortunately it gets lost when the polish is applied to the nail.

Barry M Silk Nail Paints are £3.99 each available at Barrym.com.

Have a great week everyone!

WN x

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